Annual report 2015

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Annual report 2015

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Metalloinvest’s Development Strategy strives to increase output of products with high added value

Metalloinvest’s Development Strategy strives to increase output of products with high added value


In 2015, a total of 23 R&D projects were completed at the Company’s initiative with eight more nearing completion. The research on 20 focus areas was started in 2015 and will continue through 2016.

The Company places orders for R&D projects focusing on three key topics:

Key focus areas:

  • enhance the strength of iron ore pellets at Lebedinsky GOK (improve methods of heat treatment, introduce strengthening additives to the furnace charge);

  • launch production-based research to develop technology ensuring comprehensive processing of mineral raw materials at Mikhailovsky GOK;

  • seek to optimise the mining transportation network at Lebedinsky GOK;

  • carry out regular studies to improve heat treatment of rolled metal for bridge construction at Ural Steel.

Key focus areas:

  • launch environmental research (specify transformation ratios for air contaminants in the area surrounding Lebedinsky GOK, etc.);

  • support mining operations as required by para. 6 of Safety Rules No.03–498–02 and the Federal Law on Occupational Safety at Hazardous Production Sites;

  • Гbuild geomechanical models and develop production procedures for mining operations at deposits with planning horizons of 20–30–50 years.

Key focus areas:

  • develop technical solutions to bolster the reliability of production-related equipment (power supplies to OEMK, etc.);

  • improve equipment capacity and production processes (increase the efficiency of metal-cutting tools used by OEMK, improve technologies used in Ural Steel's coke production shops, etc.);

  • certify finished products and confirm their compliance with standards and regulations by engaging third-party laboratories (corrosion resistance tests at Ural Steel, etc.).

Metalloinvest’s R&D production support function is responsible for making quarterly adjustments to the Company’s plans for R&D, feasibility studies and production-related science and technology services, which enables the Company to promptly include critical orders in its planning. Such orders may require changes to the existing process and technology modes to ensure the high quality of produced goods.

Given the scale and complexity of orders, Metalloinvest is expanding its co-operation with leading R&D institutions and industry experts. In 2015, the Company collaborated with a number of R&D institutions and universities, including:

  • NPVP TOREX (Yekaterinburg);

  • Branch of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Stary Oskol);

  • MIPT Centre for Engineering and Technology of Hard-torecover Reserves (Moscow);

  • Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy (Moscow);

  • Techno-Chermet (Moscow);

  • NORD Engineering Company (Moscow);

  • VIOGEM (Belgorod);

  • Branch of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Novotroitsk);

  • IVS (St Petersburg);

  • GIPROMEZ (Moscow, part of Metalloinvest), and others.

In addition, Metalloinvest is working to consolidate its R&D base. For example, the Company refitted its facilities with new laboratory and analysis equipment to enhance the potential of its in-house facilities. The Company’s technical experts participate in laboratory tests, piloting and applied scientific research. Going forward, Metalloinvest seeks to further develop its in-house R&D capacities.

Number of projects in Plans for R&D, FS and Production Related Science and Technology Services

Actual costs of Plans for R&D, FS and Production Related Sci-Tech Services, RUB million

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