Annual report 2015

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Annual report 2015

Four success factors



Metalloinvest utilises cutting-edge production technologies that meet the highest labour and safety standards

Metalloinvest utilises cutting-edge production technologies that meet the highest labour and safety standards

Staff assessment and development

The Company guarantees competitive and safe working conditions, uses advanced workplace technologies and has efficient processes for employee recruitment, adaptation and development.

Staff recruitment and adaptation

Metalloinvest maintains close ties with over 15 local universities and colleges. In 2015, the Company organised several programmes for students and graduates from universities and colleges, including scholarship programmes for the most promising students and internship programmes. Twelve students from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) won named scholarships set up by the Company1.

Since 2012, 85 people have completed internships at the management company, with over 45% still working at Metalloinvest and making considerable progress. One of the programme graduates received the Person of the Year award. In 2015, over 2,500 thousand students with relevant degrees completed their engineering and undergraduate training at Metalloinvest.

Performance assessment

Metalloinvest has been using a KPI system since 2014. In 2015, the Company broadened its scope to include all employees starting from department head and above. A total of 555 employees received individual targets, 380 (around 70%) of whom were employed at Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, OEMK, Ural Steel, Ural Scrap Company and Metalloinvestleasing.

In 2015, in order to improve KPI processes, the Company conducted an audit of individual targets and key KPIs, which included analysing target-setting methods and algorithms, as well as their functional alignment and synergies. At the end of 2015, having improved its KPI system, Metalloinvest issued new performance management guidelines updating the previous target setting, adjustment and assessment procedures. In 2016, the Company plans to improve the quality and transparency of existing processes and to start working towards their automation.

In 2015, the Company continued to build a uniform job grading framework2 with the project being successfully implemented at Lebedinsky GOK, OEMK, Ural Steel, Ural Scrap Company and the Mining Equipment Repair Factory.

Over the course of the year, the project team described and assessed 311 separate jobs and 336 job families, which in total covered 38,000 employees.

Professional growth and development of management competencies

In 2015, Metalloinvest held over 38,700 individual training courses (19,500 courses for managers and specialists and 19,200 for workers). Overall, training programmes covered 59% of employees during the year.

In December 2015, the Company purchased a distance learning corporate competency development programme, which will boost knowledge exchange and increase the number of trainees, while at the same time maintaining consistent educational standards across all geographies.

In 2015, Metalloinvest approved its corporate university concept designed to:

  • support strategic change;
  • develop management potential and professional skills;
  • leverage corporate competencies and transform corporate culture.

The university has management, functional, and professional departments.

Project management centre

The project management centre is a programme run by the functional department.

It offers four modules for 60 employees in the investment, economic and production functions. The first and second modules, which were completed in 2015, covered the topics of investment project assessment and large project management systems. The third and fourth modules are scheduled for 2016 and will focus on managing the scope, timeline, costs and risks of projects, procurement management, and project team building.

Talent pool

In January 2015, Metalloinvest introduced a single policy for talent pool management for all controlled entities to ensure the availability of the required workforce for the next one to three years. As at year-end, the Company’s talent pool included 901 employees, with 196 people being given reserve jobs.

Professional skills competition

Since 2012, Metalloinvest has held professional skills competitions aimed at improving the image of bluecollar jobs, identifying the best workers and honing their professional skills.

In 2015, the competition between all of the Company’s enterprises entered its fourth year. The number of competing professions increased to 11 (from 6 in 2012) and included steel, mining and auxiliary areas.

During the four-year run of the competition, 250 employees of Metalloinvest’s facilities have taken part, and 33 of them have been victorious. The total prize fund for the winners amounts to around RUB 1.5 million.

1 The corporate scholarship programme for MGIMO students was initiated in September 2012 by Alisher Usmanov, the founder of Metalloinvest and a MGIMO graduate, and Anatoly Torkunov, MGIMO’s rector and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
2 A grade groups jobs based on certain criteria (“weight”, classification) in order to build an incentive system and compare internal job significance with market value.

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